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I am running for Mayor of Vienna to advocate for Vienna residents, to preserve our neighborhoods, and to improve our commercial areas to create a more vibrant and economically viable main street that our residents will use with pride. 


I am an ADVOCATE for:


  • A pedestrian and bicycle-friendly Town

  • Transportation Solutions

  • Parking Garage for Church Street

  • Vibrant Maple Avenue

  • Public Art

  • Improvements to our public streets

  • Fiscal responsibility

  • Town Safety

  • Efficiently Mobile Community

  • Economic Prosperity

  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices

  • Recreation for all ages

  • Preservation of Vienna’s History

  • Support for Town Clubs


I want to make Vienna WORK BETTER for you by:

  • Strengthening communication between the Town and residents

  • Listening to you to improve Town services

  • Working with you to make big Town decisions

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